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 ORIGINALLY we planned to build on a raised mound in the central valley [1] because we were led to believe it was the only location capable of being rezoned to our purpose. There were several disadvantages to this location, but since it seemed to be the only possibility, we did successfully rezone a 20-acre plot.

                                           For the new monastery is located on Urness Road in Hollandale. These 229 acres in rural Iowa County are part of the Driftless Area. The mysterious and ancient ruggedness of the land strikes a note consonant with our ideal of monastic life.

 IN LATE 2015 we learned that a significant portion of the western ridge [2] is not classified as prime soil and may be built upon. We are delighted with this prospect for numerous reasons, including much better opportunity for a passive solar design and other sustainable features, as well as increased centrality to our property. This centrality enables a much greater distance from any adjacent land owners, more enclosed space for the sisters, and a less complicated, less expensive driveway. 

IN FALL 2019 the township will vote on whether we will be allowed to build on this plot. In the meantime, we have obtained soil borings and are working on surveying the new site.