Aiming for Single-Phase Construction

All along, we have been cautiously optimistic that we might, just might, be able to build the monastery in a single phase instead of two. This dream might now be within reach. Thanks to God and to all of you, we have passed our $12 million Phase 1 goal and are racing ahead with our design plans. If we can reach just under a total of $14 million by October of this year, we can build the entire monastery all at once.

Imagine the benefits of this single-phase approach:

  • We can build everything in its final form first, without having to remodel afterwards (for instance, building the oratory without first constructing a temporary chapel in the space that will become the garage in the future);
  • We can keep the same labor and materials teams, not having to disband and call them back later;
  • We can live in our current monastery until construction is complete, instead of living in Phase 1 while enduring the noise and dust and dirt of building Phase 2.

Please help us keep the momentum going and reach this goal, God willing!

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