Preparations for the Move!

The sisters are becoming experts in stretch film application! The remainder of the bakery will relocate on Monday; the community move will be the week of March 4th

Volunteers Paul & Karen help with the choir furniture modification in order to fit them into the New Monastery temporary oratory; God willing, the community will be fully moved in on March 8th

February 23: Phase Three Bakery Relocation

The baking aspects of the bakery were relocated last month; now we begin moving the atomizing, cutting, packaging, shipping areas in anticipation of the community move

Accompanied by many prayers, four large machines were loaded up – three cutting machines and a packaging machine shown here

Safe delivery to the CWW

Through the intercession of Saint Joseph, the last minute installation of the dock lift made this delivery possible

Views from February 19:

Stonework on the guest entrance to the Chapel just completed

The cornerstone was blessed by Bishop Hying at the site blessing in October 2021

Chapel façade shines in the winter sun

Views from February 10:

The mild winter has allowed the stonework for the north side of the Chapel to be completed quickly

Stonework for the Guest entrance to the Chapel is nearly complete

The Chapel is filled with scaffolding as the light-steel framers shape the vaulted ceiling

Painting of the Refectory is finished; now, all that remains is final cleaning

Views from February 3:

The Eastern façade cladding is complete!

New Monastery exterior nearing the finish line

The Guest entrance to the Chapel narthex is framed and almost ready for the stonemasons

The bookshelves are installed in the Library—next is moving in some 6,000 volumes!

Sr Marie Pierre tests the hook heights for all the utility rooms to be sure they can accommodate various brooms and mops

Many thanks to Ben Sanders and his dad—the new layout table is in place in the sewing room

January 30-February 1: Baker Testing and Tweaking

We’re baking! Each plate gets regulated for even batter placement

Tweaks and repairs needed as the baking goes along

Philippe and Alfred carefully watch the baker function to be sure all is well

Further tweaks and experimentation

The baked sheets of bread are piled, sorted, and stored for future cutting

After three days of test-baking, both bakers are up and running smoothly

January 26-29: Baker Reassembly Continued

The baking irons are carefully return to their home on the carousel

Philippe & Alfred put the roof back on so the exhaust can be installed; the machine parts filling the CWW are clearing out

Many parts needed replacing – after 13 years of use and corrosion some parts were near impossible to get apart

Repairs to the plates were extensive and challenging with corrosion

Regulating the plates begins

Regulating the batter-wand is no small task

Plate and batter-wand tweaking takes up much of the day; meanwhile the exhaust fans were connected to the bakers

Adjustments are made to ensure the baker rotation and batter pump are in sync

Views from January 27:

The stonemasons are nearing the finish line; working in a heated enclosure they are finishing the guest corridor on the North of the Chapel

The Cloister walk that lines the inner courtyard is nearly ready for final cleaning

The Guest Nave of the Chapel is now drywalled

January 26: Founder’s Day

Founder’s Day: Today is the Solemnity of Saints Robert, Alberic, & Stephen. Zealous to serve God with greater fidelity to the Rule of St. Benedict, our founding fathers began a new monastic community in 1098. This community was first known simply as ‘the New Monastery’ – from which we gleaned our project title. As we honor them today and are grateful for their legacy, we implore their intercession as we move forward with our own New Monastery project.

Matching Challenge: We remain humbled and grateful for your generous support of our community and life of prayer. We had a matching challenge at the end of 2023 to help raise the funds to meet our budget. Thanks to your help – we met the match, and just in time! Thank you for your generous gifts toward the challenge.

Relocation Update: We had hoped to transfer the community to the New Monastery by February 1st. While much progress has been made on the buildings and we expect to have the occupancy permit by February 1st, we prayerfully discerned that a delay would be most prudent. There are some changes we have requested in order to help enhance the safety and functionality of the building for our elder nuns, as well as some errors to be corrected. This further work would be disruptive to our life of prayer, difficult on our older members, and not ideal for our monastic enclosure, not to mention an added challenge for the construction workers if we were present. God willing, we will relocate the first week of March when these final preparations are complete. Please continue to use our Prairie du Sac mailing address until then. All in God’s time!

Saints Robert, Alberic, & Stephen – pray for us!

January 25: Baker Reassembly

The second baker reassembly begins; the heavy parts take 3 or 4 people to maneuver

Electricians install the power for one baker while the reassembly continues on the other baker

Mother Anne Marie makes her monthly visit with cookies in hand for the workers; Sr Roberta and Sr Marie Pierre accompany, pictured here with Artie of CG Schmidt

The second baker gets the third tier of rings installed

Sister Marie Pierre and Sister Christina Marie discuss CWW details with Joel of CG Schmidt

Now begins the precise leveling; they plan to add the baking irons tomorrow and continue the laborious leveling

January 24: Phase two Bakery Relocation

Philippe rolls away the final piece of the second baker; the sisters are amazed to see all the pieces of the two ovens scattered on the bakery floor

After filling two moving trucks, the pieces and parts of the bakers arrive at the CWW

Carefully labeled parts fill the CWW ready to be reinstalled

Reassembly began right away; the technicians follow a precise order

The first baker is taking shape

January 22: Baker Disassembly

Philippe and Alfred, technicians from Coremat, arrived from France to dissemble and reassemble our two altar bread bakers; here they remove a baking iron with the help of a winch

The electrician, Alfred, and the mechanic, Philippe, hard at work

A local machinist and engineer, John Hallis, observes and assists the baker disassembly

The final piece of the first baker is removed! Fr. Joseph Watson, O.Cist. (right) assists as translator

Disassembly of the second baker begins; we plan to transfer the parts and pieces to the New Monastery on the 24th and begin reassembly

January 18: Phase One Bakery Relocation

The community has been packing away; every nook & cranny is getting filled with boxes complete with color-coded labels to direct the movers

Today began the bakery relocation – here the moving truck is being filled with carts toped with 50lb bags of flour

Movers disassemble and then reassemble large shelving used to store stock boxes for shipping altar bread orders

Quickly filled, two moving trucks depart the Prairie du Sac monastery and head toward Hollandale

After safely navigating the icy roads, the moving trucks were unloading at the Communion Wafer Workshop at the New Monastery

Views from January 17:

A blanket of snow adorns the New Monastery

View from the second floor gallery into the Chapel below; this room will serve as a place of prayer for the nuns

Now that fixtures are installed, the tedious task of specifying towel bar locations begins—and there are over a 100 throughout the building!

The stonemasons have constructed heated enclosures to be able to continue working in Winter conditions

The finish carpenters are crafting the finishing touches to Refectory, the wood wainscoting and crown molding

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Their goal was: quaerere Deum. Amid the confusion of the times, in which nothing seemed permanent, they wanted to do the essential – to make an effort to find what was perennially valid and lasting, life itself.  They were searching for God.

–Pope Benedict XVI

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